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    "St. Peters Academy stands to be the changeover with a glut of creativities we wish to see in our education" It’s our esteem bliss to be a part of education in our nation, truly keen to work with our vivid staff, students and parents, all dealing with the premium curriculum culture presenting exclusive scholastic experience, promising 'quality and priority based education' for our learners, infusing ideal academic lime lights.

    Now, over twenty years, our School maintains an enduring tradition of excellence. At the core of our tradition is our motto providing a “ caring and committed, dynamic but safe, affirmative afore progressive, compassionate often collaborative, conducive yet innovative” - school prospects to our students to fostering their participation in National and International level competitions of every field, as always, presenting excellent academic visions for our students to be drawn in a range of arts - sports culture, so that all students feel valued and confident with a deep rooted value system, to exemplify leadership style, deciding the best ways to achieve autonomic excellence.

    At St. Peters Academy, we provide students with a conservation ethic, based upon the sustainable use of diverse values and natural assets. The learning tools and pedagogy used here engage the students actively, lighting their enthusiasm in their quest to learn. At St. Peter’s Academy, professionally skilled staff believes in providing high academic and behavioral standards dedicated to the pursuit of xcellence, thus personally committed to convene the needs of every student.

    We recognize that we must endeavor to meet the needs of diverse competencies by creating opportunities for our striving students to succeed fervidly, while providing assistance to our students in need.

    We dedicate for our school wide loyalty that: the multiparty instructional strategy in our institution will mark a tribute to our staff as an ever perfect path and enrich indulgent character to maximize our student success. Mr. Abdul Rafiq
    Founder, St. Peters Acadedmy